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Area Rugs

Area Rug Cleaning Near You is something Daves Carpet Cleaning is also known for here in town.

Need drop off rug cleaning service near by? Were conveniently located a couple of blocks from the I-75 / M-59 interchange in Rochester, MI 48309.

We also offer pick up service from your home for our Rug Spa rug cleaning Services.

Give Us a Call (248) 495-4430

Why have your Rugs Cleaned outside your Home?

     Most area rugs are constructed differently than “carpet” and require special techniques, equipment & shampoos that is very difficult or impossible to offer at the customers home. A surface cleaning can be performed on some types of area rugs at your home with the same equipment your carpet cleaner is using on your wall-to-wall “carpet”....but if your looking for a deep cleaning for your area rug it will need to go to a “Rug Spa” and undergo a much different process than typical truck mounted steam cleaning. Although....we also provide “In-Home” surface cleaning as well as spa & rug-pit deep area rug cleaning in our facility here at Daves Carpet Cleaning.

     Area Rug Cleaning needs to be done differently and heres why.....

Most area rugs are not constructed with a porous backing material like carpet. The special backing on carpet allows a truck mounted steam cleaner to do a great job of thoroughly wetting, or steaming, the carpet fibers usually with a emulsifier & water mixture which separates the dirt from the carpet, then the porous jute backing allows the vacuum part of the equipment to pull air “through” the carpet fibers stripping the dirt from the carpet and taking the dirt and access moisture out to the truck for disposal.

For area rug cleaning its different. Usually their is not a porous backing on the rug which makes pulling the air needed to strip the dirt from the rug nearly impossible no matter the strength of the vacuum. Even if there IS a jute backing the rug is usually not suspended off the floor enough, or is laying flat on the floor which again prevents the air flow needed to strip the dirt from the fibers.

     If you have area rug pet stain cleaning that needs to be done then you almost certainly need to have the rug go into a rug pit, or “Rug Spa” as we call our in plant area rug cleaning here at Daves Carpet Cleaning.

Heres what you get in our “Rug Spa”

(or check out the short video clip above)

Step 1)     First the rug is “dusted”....face down, over a special tile floor that allows the sand, dirt & debris to exit the rug through the face of the rug. The same way they went IN and the only way OUT. Similar to taking your door matt out on the porch and beating or shaking the dirt and debris out of it.



picture of daves carpet cleanings Area Rug Cleaning Floor Tiles

Step 2)     Next the rug is soaked in the rug pit with the proper shampoo and conditioners for the type of material for your particular rug, or special products for pet stains or other special issues.

Picture of Area Rug Cleaning soaking in Rochester Hills, MI 48309

Step 3)     The rug cleaning then moves onto mechanical scrubbing with a special soft bristled, counter rotating, rug scrubber. This loosens deeply embedded dirt & debris from the rug while massaging the solutions into the rug even more after the soak.

Picture of Area Rug Cleaning Scrubber in Rochester Hills, MI 48307

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are rug cleaning in rochester hills michigan 600x450

Step 4)     The rug cleaning is almost complete, now it must be dried very quickly to prevent musty odors or mildew from setting in. Some rugs need to be speed dried laying flat with high velocity fans, like the one below. Other rugs will need to go onto a rack in our “dry room”. This is a large room with commercial dehumidifiers and centrifuge air movers that produce an ultra low humidity environment with the proper air movement to maximize the evaporation of the moisture from the rug.


picture of Daves Carpet Cleaning in Rochester, MI cleaning area rugs

area rug cleaning off site at daves carpet cleaning 600x600

Rugs Cleaned and Dried on Rack 600x450

Final Step     When the area rug cleaning and drying is complete the rug is wrapped in craft paper, labeled with customer information & invoice and put onto a rack for pick-up or delivery.

Rugs Cleaned Rolled & Racked for Delivery

“Rug Spa” Area Rug Cleaning Pricing

Standard Deep Cleaning       $1.50 per square foot

 Add Pet Stain Treatment       $1.00 per square foot

    Stain Protector                    $0.50c per square foot


Give Us a Call to Schedule

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