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Daves Carpet Cleaning Near Me

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#1 Ranking Carpet Cleaning in Michigan by the Housing Bureau, llc

Daves Carpet Cleaning has proudly been serving Auburn Hills, MI residents for many years and has become the most reliable, most recommended Neighborhood Carpet Cleaning Company here. Once you try us, you’ll want to stay with us! We service all of Auburn Hills Michigan 48321, 48326

We are a neighborhood carpet cleaning company that believes using the most advanced state-of-the-art equipment and nothing but hand picked and certified employees provides our customers the deepest clean with the best customer service available and are the keys to success for us.

Daves Carpet & Furniture Cleaning only uses environmentally safe and biodegradable products so you can rest easy that your carpets are not only cleaned to exceed manufacture requirements but safe for your family and the environment.

So if your making the popular carpet cleaning near me search... look no further, Dave’s Carpet Cleaning is near by and ready!


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Daves Carpet Cleaning near me service area for carpet cleaning in Auburn Hills, Michigan

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