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Daves Carpet Cleaning Near Me
Carpet Cleaning

Why were the #1 Ranking Carpet Cleaner in Michigan by the Housing Bureau, llc.

Many carpet cleaning companies in the Detroit area use inexpensive machines that just cant produce the PROFESSIONAL Truck Mounted Carpet Cleaning results near you that our $75,000 carpet cleaning plant on wheels can. We will bring our carpet cleaning to you anywhere in Oakland County, MI - Macomb County, MI - or Wayne County, MI or their surrounding areas!

We ONLY invest in the very best equipment, shampoos & employees! We know you wont settle for second best, so neither do we!


Some carpet cleaning companies out there have equipment that isn’t much better than the carpet cleaner you can rent at the local grocery store. They mount the machine in their truck and pull hoses and a electrical cord (like your vacuum) out and call this  “truck-mounted”.

 MOST COMMON WOULD BE..... a slightly better machine that runs off of a lawn mower type engine, still  NOT powerful enough to give you the PROFESSIONAL results your looking for!  SEE FOR YOURSELF.

Power is aprox. 150 CFM

(cubic Feet of Air Vacuum Per Minute)

picture of truck mounted carpet cleaner


Power is aprox. 300 CFM

(cubic Feet of Air Vacuum Per Minute)

picture of carpet cleaning Truck-Mount



Nearly 900 CFM !

(cubic Feet of Air Vacuum Per Minute)

picture of carpet cleaning truck-mount

Our machines run on a 6 cylinder

American Made









Were your “Home-Town”, small business, that relies on EVERY customers COMPLETE satisfaction for the success of our carpet cleaning business. With over 80% of our new business coming from Referrals from our customers, it’s our mission to make sure each customer is absolutely delighted with our services.

We pride ourselves on providing SUPERIOR results & customer service at a




Residential or Commercial

Entire Detroit Area

We’ll come to your home or business to clean just one couch OR all 5 stories of your business.

We have the capabilities to clean nearly ANY size facility so don’t hesitate to call us for your commercial needs!

(248) 495-4430

(586) 344-6946



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