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Daves Carpet Cleaning Near Me

Q- How long will it take for the Carpet to dry?


A- Your carpet should dry in about 4-6 hours in most cases. Some of your areas that may have been exceptionally dirty may be a little longer. DURING SUMMER MONTHS LEAVING YOUR AIR CONDITIONER ON WILL HELP THEM DRY FASTER. The air conditioner removes humidity and produces dry air.

Q- Will you move the furniture when you clean?


A- Yes, we move most major items. We do “not” move electronics (sorry, our insurance does not cover us for any damage). We also do not move fish-tanks, china cabinets, pool tables or other excessively large, heavy or fragile furniture. If your not sure just give us a call. Well let you know.

Q-Will ALL the stains in my carpet come out when you clean?


A- Most stains should come out of your carpets. If you had your carpets protected with a product like “scotch-guard” it is very likely any stains you may have will be removed with steam cleaning. Some red, yellow, blue & green stains are difficult and may need advanced techniques to remove them which is not included in our standard cleaning costs.

Q- I have pet stains, will they come out?


A- Yes, most pet stains should come clean. It does depend on how long the stains have been there and how significant they are. If you have a few spots our standard clenaing usually takes care of them...if you have many spots there may be additional cost to remove them all.

Q- How do you calculate the cost to clean a large area like my basement?


A- We charge by the room and each room/area is up to 200 sq.ft. so a basement or loft area could easily be room X2 or even room X3.

Q- How long will it take you to clean my carpet?


A- Our truck mounted machines are specialy designed to allow us to provide extreme resluts quickly! We usually plan on 30 minutes or less per room/area (up to 200 sq.ft.) Our “whole house special” usually takes us about 2 hours give or take 30 minutes.



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