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Daves Carpet Cleaning Near Me
Carpet -- EXTENDER --
#1 Ranking Carpet Cleaner in Michigan by the Housing Bureau, llc !

Our EXTENDER Carpet Cleaning process will have your carpet


Looking Better &  Lasting Longer 


Fewer Carpet Cleanings

 Also see our Carpet Cleaning Page for some great information!


 In step ONE   We use a quality enzyme and solvent to break down deeply embedded dirt.

In step TWO   We use the most powerful truck mounted equipment available to steam the carpet with a fiber rinse and encapsulator. This rinse balances the PH in the carpet preventing premature re-soiling and the encapsulator is a microscopic particle left behind that captures dirt that would otherwise re-soil carpet. As these particles collect dirt they become heavy enough to be removed by standard vacuuming.

In step THREE  We apply a protector that penetrates porous areas of the carpet fibers. This creates a barrier that protects the fiber from all types of stains and reduces friction between fibers, like oil between two pieces of metal. Less friction equals less wear and longer life of the carpet. It also keeps dirt from bonding to the fibers and allows it to be removed with vacuuming


picture of carpet fiber protection

New Carpet Fibers

Here’s an illustration of what your carpet fibers look like when they’re new—all squeaky clean.

Dirty Carpet Fibers

As your carpet fiber surfaces become dirty, worn and walked upon, their surface becomes porous and it attracts and traps more sand, dirt, pollen, sand-spurs, dust mites and their feces, along with everything else brought in from the outside world.

Worn Carpet Fibers

 Cleaning will remove the soil and reset the nap on the carpet fibers. However the scratches are still on the fiber.

Protected Fibers

 When protectant is applied after a professional cleaning, the porous openings in your carpet fibers are filled in, leaving a smooth, like-new surface. Every time you vacuum, all the sand, dirt, pollens, dust mites ... and their feces, are whisked up by your vacuum instead of staying in the pores of your carpet



Our exclusive 3-Step process helps to keep your carpets cleaner for longer.

Deep Steam cleaning removes dirt, sand and soils that regular vacuuming just can't get. BUT, after the fibers are treated it will make your vacuuming MUCH more productive. Not only will you notice a significant increase in your carpets stain resistance, you will also notice your traffic areas will look better, longer.


The sharp edges on dirt and sand cut, tear and fray your carpet fibers when their walked on.


Notice the magnified piece of sand....you can tell how this could cause pre-mature carpet wear.


Notice the sharp 
“Cutting Edges”
on these grains of dirt.
These sharp edges cut your

carpet fibers and cause
premature wear patterns.
(Magnified 150X) 


picture of carpet cleaning dirt

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