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Daves Carpet Cleaning Near Me
Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Dave’s Carpet Cleaning is the #1 local Commercial Carpet Cleaner with the training, certifications and references to back it up!




Check out what you get with a dedicated business carpet cleaning company.

Commercial carpet cleaning done by a company that specializes in Business carpet cleaning will produce cleaner, better looking carpet... at a better price.


    Most carpet cleaning companies near me are predominantly “Residential” cleaners and will perform their office carpet cleaning, industrial & commercial carpet cleaning, and most all business carpet cleaning the exact same way they clean the carpets in your home.


    Dave’s Carpet Cleaning has been trained and certified by the “IICRC” (Institute of Inspection, Cleaning Restoration & Certification) and treats the unique carpet fibers found in these settings according to the industry standards set by the IICRC.


    We also understand the client's needs for business carpet cleaning is often a little different than typical residential jobs. We have found that beyond providing a superior cleaning, our commercial customers appreciate our understanding and special attention to these other points.


  • Be prompt and reliable. Were always on time and never reschedule you at the last minute.
  • Flexible days & times. We have a dedicated crew for commercial carpet cleaning that’s available after hours and weekends.
  • Prompt Re-Works.  We guarantee you won’t be waiting and waiting for someone to come back and touch up any spots discovered after the carpets have dried.


How Commercial Carpet is Different & How its properly Cleaned

     Most commercial carpets have a high “Olefin” content and is of a Berber construction. Both of these factors require special techniques to produce a superior result.

     Berber is the weave of the carpet and has a loop at the surface which automatically makes pulling debris from the carpet harder than a cut-pile with no loop at the surface.

     Olefin is a plastic like material and commercial carpet cleaners need to realize the challenges with this fiber type. Here are some of the pro’s & con’s of Olefin carpet.

Con’s:  Its plastic like composition resists water and is non-absorbent. If its not steam cleaned with more powerful industrial carpet cleaning equipment the water & dirt travels straight down the carpet fiber shaft and wets the backing of the carpet. This gives the initial appearance of a cleaner carpet but when that dirty water evaporates UP out of the carpet the dirt travels back up the carpet with it. Once the water has evaporated from the tips of the carpet into the room the dirt is left behind at the tips of the carpet fibers. This is known as “Wicking” and is a common problem for olefin and results in a much higher call-back rate, esp. if inferior equipment is used that’s unable to draw that moisture and dirt back up out of the carpet after steaming it lose.


     Olefin loves oil. Although olefin carpets are extremely stain resistant to most types of stains since it is “solution dyed” it is very susceptible to staining from oil based stains like grease and oil from machinery, automobiles and even cooking oil or oil based salad dressing.

     Olefin carpets have a VERY low melting point. If you were to pass a cigarette lighter over the carpet fibers they would melt faster than you can pull it away. This makes it prone to matting and abrading. Just the friction from foot traffic (esp. over dirty carpet which increases the friction) causes distortion & matting of the fibers and causes traffic patterns in hallways and around desks. Never drag desks, file cabinets or other heavy objects across this type of carpet, it will melt a path into the carpet.


Pro’s: Well…its cheap, lol. Its nearly imperviousness to water based staining is admirable also.



How to Prep, maintain commercial carpet properly

     Proper maintenance and commercial carpet cleaning done by professionals educated on all types of carpet fibers will greatly affect the appearance and longevity. Ideally a maintenance program that includes regular vacuuming to remove dry dirt, therefore reducing the friction and preventing wear patterns, is key. This should be followed up periodically having them cleaned using “encapsulation”, which uses very low moisture to keep from driving the dirt to the backing, and encapsulates it for dry removal. This process should also contain a polymer or surfactant which will brighten the carpet immediately by changing the way light is reflected and refracted from the carpet helping to camouflaging the traffic patterns. This is a much quicker and budget friendly procedure than a deep steam cleaning mentioned in the next step.IMG_2499

cimex encap carpet cleaner  <---Cimex Encap



CRB Encap  --->






Every 12 to 18 months you should steam clean commercial carpets with equipment powerful enough to not only separate the dirt from the carpet fibers, but (as described earlier) thoroughly extract at least 90-95% of the moisture and dirt back up out of the carpet to prevent wicking and capillary action issues. This is a very deep cleaning that will melt away oils and deeply embedded dirt and debris from the carpet and extend the life of the carpet dramatically.







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